our approach

At Addiction NI, we work with people who need our support with their alcohol or other drug use. We aim to inspire and empower them to discover new possibilities in their lives.

Everything we do is aimed at providing good quality, person-centred services in the right location at the right time, making a real difference for the people and communities we support. We believe everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and for their individual recovery journey to be fully supported. 

Our two key principles are: 'Reducing Harm' and 'Promoting Recovery'.

  • Reducing Harm

People and communities in Northern Ireland are experiencing increasing levels of alcohol and drug-related harm. Addiction NI recognise that some of these people are unable or unwilling to stop using alcohol or other drugs, therefore it is our aim to deliver a comprehensive approach to harm reduction, in ways which ensure that people have access to the interventions and supports which meet their needs.

  • Promoting Recovery

We have a vision that recovery is possible and recognise that each recovery journey is unique. We aim to ensure people who experience problem alcohol and drug use receive effective services and interventions which support them to reduce harm and achieve their own form of recovery.