Below are reports from some of our past projects.

From 2015 to 2020, the Drink Wise, Age Well programme was delivered across five egions in the UK, including Northern Ireland’s Western HSC Trust area. The principal objective of the scheme was to reduce alcohol harm in adults over the age of 50. It sought to do this by raising awareness around alcohol misuse, changing attitudes, reducing stigma, conveying harm reduction messages and influencing community norms about the use of alcohol. It also aimed to increase resilience, empower community services and develop a body of evidence on how to prevent alcohol misuse.

Over the course of its operation, Drink Wise, Age Well gained wide exposure via all forms of media; delivered extensive training to the wider workforce; provided large-scale knowledge and education; conducted targeted anti-stigma campaigns and activities; and arranged a broad range of resilience-building projects. In addition, the programme offered vital assistance to people seeking change in their alcohol use, facilitating and encouraging better health outcomes. Thousands utilised crucial screening, intervention, advocacy and practical support services. Peer support groups, too, formed a major, highly effective strand of the work. Meanwhile, Drink Wise, Age Well’s new national over-50’s helpline serves as a route of contact for people facing difficulties in accessing treatment services.

You can access the full evaluation report below.

2015-2020 - Evaluation of the Drink Wise, Age Well programme