mutual aid partnership

Addiction NI’s mutual aid groups allow people who share similar experiences to come together and help each other as they manage and overcome addictive behaviours, building networks alongside their peers.

The Mutual Aid Partnership (MAP) uses eclectic evidence-based techniques and strategies to educate and elicit change in behaviours relating to drug and alcohol use.

It can be used in one-to-one and group settings with MAP tools that empower participants to arm themselves with solutions and new thought processes as a vehicle towards change.

MAP is not just for those with drug and/or alcohol issues. Families of service users are also given an opportunity to develop new skills and strategies, which can help to provide new ways of coping with the effects of drug or alcohol misuse within the family. ‘MAP Families’ recognises the powerful role that families play in affecting and sustaining recovery and also that inclusion and a community ethos brings everyone affected by drug and alcohol misuse closer towards a community recovery.

Individuals gain an understanding of MAP tools within a one-to-one setting, which helps to identify a desire to change their old behaviours and belief systems. At this point, they begin to recognise and identify with the concept of ‘personal responsibility’; through this educational process and partnership approach, individuals can then access ‘MAP meetings’. MAP meetings use ‘Action Learning’ as a model for learning/education. The absence of hierarchy is replaced by community empowerment; a shared knowledge and identification process that help members to find unique solutions that will sustain their recovery.

Hear below from one of our Mutual Aid Partnership Participants.

Group meets each Tuesday at:

37 Glen Road, Belfast

12:30pm to 2pm

Group meets each Thursday at:

40 Elmwood Avenue, Belfast

12:30pm - 2:00pm

Appointments must be booked to attend. To book phone 028 9066 4434.